OTEA Travels to Milwaukee for National Conference

Submitted by Carson Case, Current Oswego Technology Education Association (OTEA) President

Last week the center for all technology and engineering education was Milwaukee, Wisconsin at ITEEA’s (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association) 77th annual national conference. This year’s conference focused on building technology and engineering STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) partnerships. The conference was held from March 26-28 at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center.

The conference showcased all aspects of technology education from the newest products to honoring professionals in the field. Vendors showed off a range of products such as tools, machines, textbooks, computer software, and much more. Presenters covered a wide range of topics to help educators grow and develop their classrooms or schools.

Twenty-four students and five professors traveled to the conference from SUNY Oswego. The students participated in the Technology and Engineering Educators Collegiate Association’s national competitions against thirteen other colleges. Events included Communications, Educational Display, Manufacturing, Problem Solving, Robotics, and Transportation. Oswego finished in third place for Manufacturing, Communications, and Educational display and second place in Problem Solving. Aside from the competitions Professor Thomas Kubicki from SUNY Oswego was recognized by ITEEA as a Distinguished Technology Educator.

The students who attended are: Alex Parsons, Alex Kouthoofd, Carson Case, Chris Wood, Chris Pallay, Dan Ciamaricone, Devin Murphy, Donald Esposito-Kelley, Evyn Steinberg, Jake Lawley, Julie Lundgren, Justin Schimek, Kyle Matura, Lexi Williams, Luke Krucher, Matt Brennen, Matt Merriman, Melannie Ulloa, Mike Eardley, Nate Taylor, Nicholas Oetinger, Ryan Garofalo, Sam Platt, and Steven Gromling.

The professors who attended are: Richard Bush, Thomas Kubicki, Dr. Mark Springston, Dr. Mark Hardy, and Dr. Michael Nehring.

Photo: Problem Solving Team, (right to left) Christopher Pallay, Nicholas Oetinger, Kyle Matura, Jake Lawley, Carson Case, Devin Murphy.

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