SALT Makerspace

Last Wednesday night at the SALT Makerspace CNYTEEA, SME, along with local industries and the public had a chance to walk around and take a look at the Makerspace in Syracuse.  From  “Our SALT makerspace, is a community operated facility providing a collaborative artisan space with a wood shop, metal shop, and prototyping lab. SALT provides a convenient and economical space for established artists, designers and entrepreneurs to access workshops, develop innovative designs, and have a studio space.”  The facility is located at 110 Wyoming St., Syracuse, NY.  For more information, check out their website at

Another opportunity that was presented last night was the HAAS foundation scholarships.  Last year, the foundation was not able to give all of the money earmarked away and this year their budget has been increased.  The scholarship is awarded to students heading towards the machining industry.  From my discussion, they are including a broad range of college majors in their definition of “machining industry”.  Definitely worth checking out HAAS FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS.

Keep an eye on your email for upcoming tours and events!

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