2017 – 2018 CNYTEEA Leadership

In 1936, the Central New York Industrial Arts Teachers Association was established to provide educational and fellowship experiences for teachers who wanted to continue their professional development beyond the college years. Since then, the association has evolved to keep pace with numerous technology and curricular changes which have occurred with several name changes. With this in mind, CNYTEEA is happy to introduce the 2017 – 2018 leadership. Some new faces as well as some returning ones are looking to continue to improve CNYTEEA and keep up with the changing technology.

Take a look at our leadership page (https://cnyteea.wordpress.com/leadership/) for a brief introduction of each CNYTEEA Leader. Have a great start to the school year!

Matt Starke
Vice President

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CNY/NYSTEEA State Fair Display

If you are at the NYS Fair in the next couple weeks, make sure to visit the Youth Building to see some of our Tech Ed student’s projects. This is an opportunity for thousands of people to see the diverse learning activities our students are involved in throughout the year.

Check out the attached images for samples of the display.

Special thanks to Ray Finney for setting up the display for CNYTEEA over the past few years.

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Department of the Year Tour

On Monday, June 5th, 15 CNYTEEA members got a full tour of the 2017 Department of the Year. This year, the members of CNYTEEA nominated Ray Middle School in Baldwinsville, NY as our 2017 Department of the Year.

The Technology Education Department at Ray Middle School features two large class spaces. Mo & Annette team teach their 6th & 7th Grade Technology classes. Their curriculum includes a wide range of topics and content, some of which is featured in the images below. Afterwards the CNYTEEA Department of the Year and Teacher of the Year were presented with their plaques. Congratulations to Mo Levine and Annette Wallace for being the Department of the Year and Jim Maniccia for being the Teacher of the year!


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2016 – 2017 Department of the Year Tour

Please join us for our tour of Ray Middle School!

See the attached flyer for information and pictures. Please RSVP by Friday, June 2nd.


Visit and tour the Baldwinsville Central School District’s Ray Middle School to learn about their current programs and future plans. See why CNYTEEA Members voted this facility and teachers the 2017 Department of the Year.


Monday, June 5th
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM


7650 Van Buren Road
Baldwinsville, NY 13027


Matthew Starke
CNYTEEA President

2017 Department of the Year Tour Flyer

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Letter to New York State Education Department Commissioner & Board of Regents

Good afternoon, Commissioner & Board of Regents.

I am reaching out on behalf of the Central New York Technology & Engineering Educators’ Association (CNYTEEA) regarding the recent proposed changes to the Middle School Technology Education mandate.

CNYTEEA represents approximately 400 Technology Education teachers across the region. We are dismayed to hear about the proposed changes to the Middle School Technology Education mandate. Looking at a recent reply to our members from Regent Ouderkirk (see below), it is clear that the Board recognizes the need for students to take courses providing hands-on learning focused on the ever-expanding range of technology. New York State Technology Education teachers are uniquely trained and certified to teach students in all aspects of technology, engineering and technological literacy. The state standards for Middle School Technology Education (http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/mst/pub/mststa5.pdf) illustrates the broad range of student learning objectives in all aspects of technology. No other certification areas encompass this unique, broad range of content.

If the mandate is changed to permit teachers in other certification areas to grant this requirement, the scope and breadth of technology education standards simply could not realistically be met. Teachers in other certification areas do not receive training in the content or pedagogy that design, modeling, fabrication, and engineering require, and a well developed technology education program demands and should provide. This mandate change puts the educational integrity of programs reaching hundreds of thousands in jeopardy and could potentially allocate teaching positions to unqualified, yet certified teachers instead of certified, qualified Technology Education teachers. Only trained, certified technology education teachers can truly provide the “hands-on learning, focused on the growing world of technology” for the students of our state.

Please do not change the Middle School Technology Education mandate by allowing teachers without technology education certification to deliver and grant credit for technology education content. Doing so would harm our students much more then help them. Indeed, given today’s emphasis on high-quality STEM education, if anything, the mandate should be expanded to include a high school requirement, providing students the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills under the skilled tutelage of trained, certified Technology Education teachers.

Thank you for your time and support of our programs. We look forward to your support of high-quality technology education programs delivered by certified technology education teachers.

Matthew Starke

CNYTEEA President

Technology Education Teacher

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Beverly L. Ouderkirk <blouderkirk@hotmail.com>

Date: Thu, May 4, 2017 at 9:42 PM

Subject: Middle School Technology Education

To: CNYTEEA Members


Dear Charles and others,

I appreciate the passion with which each of you have been writing to members of the Board of Regents about this matter. It is truly important and I couldn’t agree with you more. As a result of the flurry  of recent emails, I revisited the related proposal today. Though I cannot explain why, there seems to be erroneous info about the proposed amendment floating around.

The proposal actually allows districts a choice between continuing the programs they provide for the one unit of credit or choosing from several options which provide greater flexibility at the local level…thus allowing innovation where districts may so wish.

At this time I feel this proposed amendment provides for even greater opportunity for your district’s students as they so determine in encouraging the students’ natural interest in more hands on learning focused on the growing world of technology.


Regent Ouderkirk

P.S. The volume of emails is so great that I am sending responses out in bulk. I hope this doesn’t create a problem for anyone.

Beverly L. Ouderkirk


Central New York Technology & Engineering Educators’ Association (CNYTEEA)

Website: www.cnyteea.org

Twitter: twitter.com/CNYTEEA

Facebook: facebook.com/CNYTEEA

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On Wednesday December 7th, CNYTEEA members toured the OCM BOCES adult education facilities. Specifically, we were able to see the facilities for CAD, welding, electrical, construction, HVAC, and manufacturing. The new building, now located at 110 Elwood Davis Road in Liverpool and also houses the adult education facility for their other programs including nursing, cosmetology, and culinary arts. Matthew Tarolli, OCMBoces Coordinator of Adult Education who gave us the tour, shared that they are seeing younger students. Some of these new adult education students are just out of high school.  Check out some of what is going on at OCM BOCES Adult Education below.

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Department of the Year Tour

On Wednesday, May 11th CNYTEEA members got a full tour of the updated facility at SUNY Oswego’s Park and Wilber Halls.  For many, it was a return to their alma mater and it was definitely apparent how times have changed.  Each lab features new advanced systems for their respective technology (see Slideshow).  Afterwards the CNYTEEA Department of the Year and Teacher of the Year were presented with their plaques.  Some SUNY Oswego students were also present discussing their experience at Oswego and making connections with teachers in their future field.

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